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Daniela Vavrova 

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>> Books & Films

with special emphasis on Visual Anthropology, Cinema and Papua New Guinea

bibliography and filmography visual anthropology.pdf

>> Visual Communication

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Poetry in BW.pdf
BW Trios.pdf

Oz in Black & White
Waykakrarin (video)
Camera Catalyst (video)
Ambonwari Recordings 01 (video)
Dialogic Recording with the Ambonwari (video)
Ambonwari Recordings 02 (video)
Kay Wurukrarin (video)
Terrence Trilogy 01 (video)
Street Art & Graffiti
Lagrimas Dulces
Ambonwari 2011 b&w
Terrence Trilogy 02 (video)
Terrence Trilogy 03 (video)
Jeffrey & Abel 01 (video)
Jeffrey & Abel 02 (video)
Jeffrey & Abel 03 (video)
Santa's Walkabout

Abstract of MA Thesis.pdf
PhD Research Project.pdf
PhD visually.pdf

>> Articles

Ambonwari Women and Their Baskets.pdf
Speech Act Analysis.pdf
Independent Cinema.pdf
Jean Rouch.pdf
Enet Yapai.pdf
Working Mans Death.pdf
Staged Photography.pdf
Audio Visual Method.pdf
Charismata Outline.pdf

>> Film & Anthropology

festivals, ethnographic film, library

Filmakers Library
RAI International Film Festival
German Anthropology Online
Pacific Islanders in Communications
Freiburger Film Forum
Documentary Educational Resources (DER)
Gottingen Institute for Scientific Film
Moving Image Gateway
Moving Images, University of Hawai'i
Nordic Anthropological Film Association
The Photo Review
Society for Visual Anthropology
Visual Anthropology Net
Festival of Visual Culture