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Ambonwari women rub their newborn children with particular leaves all over
their bodies. They call this practice waykakrarin 'rubbing the body of a baby'.
First, they use the leaves of sandakwam 'Malay apple tree', which were heated
and softened over the fire. They rub gently with these leaves their head, face, hands,
legs, chest, and spine. A special attention is paid to all their joints. Second, the leaves
of pambomban 'aerial parasitic plant' are broken over and rubbed on babies' back
so that they will grow and stand straight. This practice will make their spine strong.
They will be able to do the hard work, carry heavy loads and fight their enemies.
Folded leaves of pambomban are then put under the slit-drum. The pressure
of the slit-drum over the leaves, which were in contact with their skin, will make babies
asleep fast and sound and prevent them from crying.